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genito- ne demek?

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genitalia The syndrome goes by a number of names including the popliteal web syndrome and, more inclusively, the facio-genito-popliteal syndrome.
Kaynak: Popliteal pterygium syndrome
disease areas: leukemia , lymphoma , breast cancer , lung cancer , gastrointestinal malignancies, genito-urinary malignancies, and melanoma .
Kaynak: Cancer and Leukemia Group B
He is a world leader in kidney transplantation , general and specialised urology operations, prostate diseases , tumours of the genito-
Kaynak: Mohamed Ghonim
Chief of St John Ambulance of Malaysia He is a consultant skin specialist and genito-urinary physician practising in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Kaynak: Low Bin Tick
UCW was incorporated in 1988 and consists of specialists in urology, the surgical and medical field dealing with the genito-urinary system
Kaynak: Urology Center of Westchester
The European Board of Urology (EBU) is the professional urological (genito-urinary surgery) education and regulation authority in Europe,
Kaynak: European Board of Urology
Among his written works was a textbook on genito-urinary diseases that was translated into English by Charles W. Bonney in 1910.
Kaynak: Leopold Casper
Edward L. Keyes, a text-book on genito-urinary surgery. His contributions to medical periodical literature were frequent. He became a
Kaynak: William Holme Van Buren
He was a general surgeon, but had a special interest in urology and headed the hospital's genito-urinary department for many years.
Kaynak: Hugh Lett
He made many converts, though a writer in The Lancet of 13 February 1937 would not say more than that "the majority of British genito-
Kaynak: Samuel Henry Harris

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