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hereabouts ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

hereabouts anlamı
1) bu civarda
2) yakınlarda
3) bu yörede

"hereabouts" için örnek kullanımlar

A granite cutting unit owner said that cumulatively the garbage dumped hereabouts is at least 20 tonnes.
Bir granit kesme ünitesi sahibi kümülatif çöp buralarda en az 20 ton terk ettiğini söyledi.
Kaynak: thehindu.com
Not that there's any particularly distinctive musical thumbprint that characterizes the music produced hereabouts.
Buralarda üretilen müzik karakterize herhangi bir özellikle ayırt edici müzikal izi var değil.
Kaynak: sfgate.com
There are other coffee services hereabouts, both in Ocala and Belleview, but they primarily serve businesses and offices.
Orada diğer kahve servisleri Ocala ve Belleview hem de karnından, ama onlar öncelikle işletmeler ve ofisler vermektedir.
Kaynak: ocala.com
But recently coming to market hereabouts is 'na Biretta, a Roman craft brewery, which I discovered at Bert's Better Beers in Hooksett.
Ama son zamanlarda pazara geliyor Buralarda ben Hooksett Bert'in iyi Biralar keşfedilen 'na Biretta, Romalı bir zanaat bira vardır.
Kaynak: newhampshire.com
translated as "red mountain pasture", which is a reference to the red-petalled alpenrose (Rhododendron ferrugineum) that is common hereabouts.
Kaynak: Zirbitzkogel
performances' authenticity By 1947, the Toronto Star declared, "There is nobody more experienced hereabouts in Gilbert and Sullivan business
Kaynak: Alfred Kidney
mains' refers to the home farm of an estate, cultivated by or for the 'owner', then we can assume that the main dwelling was here or hereabouts.
Kaynak: Lambroughton
shields is situated by the main road on the low clifftops above Pegwell Bay to commemorate the first Viking landings in England hereabouts.
Kaynak: Pegwell Bay
We may suspect that an estate hereabouts in the barony of Tirawley passed like Castlebar from a de Barry to a Cogan. Miles Cogan was one
Kaynak: John de Cogan
The fell hand of tourism has lately made itself felt hereabouts in the form of small hotels, camp-sites and private villas. Even so, the
Kaynak: Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park
those, who have had the natural Small Pox, have died; whereas out of sixty one which have been inoculated hereabouts, not one has died ... |
Kaynak: Thomas Nettleton
Wild onions are plentiful hereabouts, and eaters thereof smell like the back door of a puppy's nest.“ When thieves fall out honest men get
Kaynak: Lying Jim Townsend
Despite frequent skirmishes between Danes and the English hereabouts, the Danelaw survived until 1066 when, according to the Domesday Book
Kaynak: Ockbrook
The later history is full of the exploits of highwaymen , who found the wild country hereabouts specially favourable for their purposes.
Kaynak: Windlesham
Downline from Lealholm at Rake Farm, the line was to have met a branch running across the moors to support the Iron ore industry hereabouts.
Kaynak: Lealholm railway station
The mill was an important gathering place for farmers and Native Americans inhabiting both shores of the Hudson River hereabouts.
Kaynak: Madam Brett Homestead
The village's great age makes itself known in the many legends told hereabouts. One tells of a time in the Thirty Years' War when the
Kaynak: Sassen, Germany
The rocks hereabouts do have blackish colourings in places of very early plant life and even primitive fishes have been found but mostly
Kaynak: Cusop

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