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lutist ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

lutist anlamı
1) udi
2) kopuzcu

"lutist" için örnek kullanımlar

The player of a lute is called a lutenist, lutanist, "lewtist" or lutist, and a maker of lutes (or any string instrument) is referred to as
Kaynak: Lute
Tomaž Pengov is a Slovenia n singer-songwriter , guitar ist, lutist , and poet Career: He was born in Ljubljana , Slovenia, then part of the
Kaynak: Tomaž Pengov
Efraín Amador Piñero (born 1947) is a Cuban guitarist, lutist, composer and professor. He has conducted extensive investigations about the
Kaynak: Efraín Amador Piñero
The “Cantore al liuto” - typical italian definition for musicians and composers at the end of 1400 - is the singing lutist whose
Kaynak: Cantore al liuto
It was founded in 1990 by Birol Yayla (guitarist, tanbur lutist) and Aziz Şenol Filiz (ney flutist). Their 2004 album Pervane ("Moth")
Kaynak: Yansımalar
The sound of the tiorbino has been described by the lutist Paul O'Dette as "a cross between a lute, a baroque guitar , and a harp ."
Kaynak: Tiorbino
His first influence was his father Γεώργιος Δ. Καράγιωρκης - Georgios D. Karayiorkis from Λάπηθος - Lapithos , a great traditional lutist
Kaynak: Evagoras Karageorgis
He is son of Faik Fuat the lutist . He started singing songs with his father when he was 10. Later he went to Izmir and took music classes
Kaynak: Hüseyin Mayadağ
Love Songs for Michael', the settings of three Michaelangelo sonnets for Michael Chance and lutist Nigel North , were commissioned and
Kaynak: Donna McKevitt
Notable residents: Esaias Reusner (1636–1679), lutist and composer. Franz Schmidt (1818–1853), preacher, representative in the Frankfurt
Kaynak: Lwówek Śląski
He collaborated with Maurice Béjart for his ballet Thalassa Mare Nostrum and with Gabriel Yared as lutist for Costa Gavras ' film
Kaynak: Anouar Brahem
v i3aZFrONETo Philip Rosseter performed by lutist Brian Wright. VIAF 42189992 | LCCN n/81/112524 NAME Rosseter, Philip | ALTERNATIVE NAMES |
Kaynak: Philip Rosseter
Toby is plunged into this rich age as a lutist sent to charm and calm this troublesome spirit. In the fullness of the high Italian
Kaynak: Of Love and Evil
Furthermore he has worked on a number of artistic projects, for example Scurdia a crossover partnership with the Kurdish lutist Risgar
Kaynak: Markus Schirmer
Dutch lutist Jozef Van Wissem has collaborated with Lucas on several albums, including "the Universe of Absence" and "Diplopia."
Kaynak: Gary Lucas
He released two corraborative albums with lutist Jozef van Wissem , Concerning the Entrance into Eternity and The Mystery of Heaven , in
Kaynak: Jim Jarmusch

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