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hence ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

hence anlamı
1) bundan dolayı
2) bundan
3) buradan
4) bunun için
5) bunun sonucu olarak
6) şu andan itibaren

Türkiye Türkçesi Ağızları Sözlüğü

hence anlamı

*Mersin ve çevresi -İçel

"hence" için örnek kullanımlar

Moreover, they believe that the Biblical tradition was corrupted over time, and hence it would be futile to use it as a basis for any sort
Kaynak: Biblical narratives and the Quran
This lower precision caused the jet to curve and to break up at an earlier time and hence at a shorter distance. The resulting dispersion
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The music lovers break into your home while you are asleep and hook the unconscious (and unknowing, hence innocent) violinist to you.
Kaynak: Kemancı (düşünce deneyi)
Marxists; hence a term of abuse used within the communist world for an interpretation of Marxism which is felt to threaten the canonical policy."
Kaynak: Sosyalist revizyonizm
(unlike the normal replicative polymerase, which stall), and hence bypass the damage, and(2) a proposed "template switch" pathway that is
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In polar coordinates (r, φ) the kinetic energy and hence the Lagrangian becomes: L frac 1 2 m left( dot r^2 + r^2dotvarphi^2 ight).
Kaynak: Hamilton prensibi
Usually the data rate of these bearers is high, hence downloading orbital information takes less time. Modes of operation: AGPS has two modes
Kaynak: GPS-A
Although the cheese has its origins in Cyprus, it is widely popular throughout the Middle East, and hence many countries have now become
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says, it is the order of the God, which states: Yang represents male and Yin corresponds to female, hence, Yin cannot spiritually dominate Yang.
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He moved from Peru to officiate matches in Mexico in 1968, and hence he attended this World Cup as a representative of the Mexican
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The speech of the people resembles the literary language; hence the writings of Mir 'Ali-sher Nawa'i, though he was bred and grew up in
Kaynak: Ali Şîr Nevaî
pg 247: "Persian- Zaban-i Farsi, the language of the province of Fars, or Pars, from which the Greek and hence the Western names of the
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