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henceforth ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

henceforth anlamı
1) bundan böyle
2) bundan sonra

"henceforth" için örnek kullanımlar

Henceforth, the firm shall be known as Polsinelli PC, the firm said Thursday.
Bundan sonra, firma Polsinelli PC olarak bilinen edilecek, firma Perşembe söyledi.
Kaynak: bizjournals.com
We will all henceforth give gifts in the form of little paper chits.
Hepimiz bundan biraz kağıt chits şeklinde hediyeler verecek.
Kaynak: ft.com
1, 1967 and retiring as a full professor, henceforth emeritus, in April of 2001.
1, 1967 ve Nisan 2001 yılında bundan sonra emekli bir profesör, olarak emekli.
Kaynak: currypilot.com
In computer science , mutual exclusion refers to the problem of ensuring that no two processes or threads (henceforth referred to only as
Kaynak: Mutual exclusion
The Christian Liberation Movement (Movimiento Cristiano Liberación or Movimiento Cristiano de Liberación in Spanish, henceforth shortened
Kaynak: Christian Liberation Movement
The 2005 edition to the Fort Worth Bowl (known henceforth as the "Armed Forces Bowl"), the third edition, featured the Kansas Jayhawks ,
Kaynak: 2005 Fort Worth Bowl
Public transport in Cornellà de Llobregat (Catalonia , Spain , Cornellà henceforth) is an important part of the transportation network
Kaynak: Transport in Cornellà de Llobregat
The Elektor TV Games Computer (henceforth TVGC) was a programmable computer system sold by Elektor in kit form from 1979. It used the
Kaynak: Elektor TV Games Computer
Type Description Language (henceforth TDL) is the name of a data type specification language defined in the book Implementing Typed
Kaynak: Type Description Language
The president of the Republic may not henceforth exercise more than two consecutive periods in office. fr:Article 11 de la Constitution de
Kaynak: French constitutional law of 23 July 2008
stadtholder William IV, Prince of Orange , in all provinces to this dignity, that should henceforth be hereditary in the male and female line.
Kaynak: Daniel Raap
The 1907 conference changed the name of future meetings to Imperial Conferences and agreed that the meetings should henceforth be regular
Kaynak: Imperial Conference
Henceforth, let not ladies be admitted as sisters into the house of the Temple; that is why, very dear brothers, henceforth it is not
Kaynak: Latin Rule
property without transferring it to anyone else, simply by declaring that the property will henceforth be held for the benefit of the beneficiary.
Kaynak: Trust law
The throne could henceforth pass to a female and through the female (cognatic ) line of the dynasty, upon the extinction of all
Kaynak: Pauline Laws
the AFC decided to change their tradition and hold the tournament in 2007, and every four years henceforth from that date. An estimated
Kaynak: 2007 AFC Asian Cup
The Treaty of Nonsuch provided that stadtholders for the individual provinces would henceforth be appointed by the Council of State, so as
Kaynak: Eighty Years' War
Po married Oliver Messerli in 2001, and henceforth was known for the rest of her career as Kimberly Po-Messerli. Grand Slam finals
Kaynak: Kimberly Po
It was suggested date April 2011 that the words translated as "that none from henceforth make any entry into lands and tenements, but in
Kaynak: Forcible Entry Act 1381

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