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aback ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

aback anlamı
1) pupada
2) geri
3) kıç tarafta
4) geriye

"aback" için örnek kullanımlar

Ambrosa, who now coaches field hockey, was taken aback by her induction.
Şimdi antrenörler hokey Ambrosa, onu indüksiyon tarafından şaşırmış.
Kaynak: nj.com
All those on duty were taken aback as the Pulser bike moved at great speed.
Pulser bisiklet büyük bir hızla hareket olarak görev Bütün o şaşırmış.
Kaynak: dailypioneer.com
Taken aback, Mineko asked, "What? Won't everything be all right in 10 days?"
Taken şaşırmış, Mineko sordu, "Ne? 10 gün içinde her şey yolunda olmayacak mı?"
Kaynak: ajw.asahi.com
On February 11, 2007, The Washington Post reported that an unnamed ambassador present in a meeting with Hannah had been "taken aback" by a
Kaynak: John P. Hannah
Lee confesses that he was taken aback by a country and a schooling system so different from the French model under which he had been
Kaynak: Gary Yia Lee
Much of the unrest happened in the constituency belonging to the Prime Minister of Jamaica , Bruce Golding , who said he was "taken aback"
Kaynak: 2010 Kingston unrest
Joaquim Gomis was well-respected in artistic circles, which were somewhat taken aback when he began photographing the work of Gaudí, an
Kaynak: Joaquim Gomis
The narrator, taken aback by the enormity of the discovery, starts to plot the murder of Adgeson in order to take the prestige for himself
Kaynak: The Giving Plague
and asked who had written it, and was rather taken aback to learn that it was not an appeal from Orthodox Christians in Madagascar asking
Kaynak: Nectarios (Kellis) of Madagascar
"Oh," replied Sun, not the least taken aback, "I will use the rocks for tooth powder, and the stream to cleanse my ears." He had passed
Kaynak: Sun Ch'u
"naive" and "taken aback by the revelation at the inquest Today FM broadcaster Ian Dempsey also denied having any knowledge of Ryan's
Kaynak: Death of Gerry Ryan
The fireman is rather taken aback when he hears that Mike is travelling on the Limited, especially when he mentions that Patsy is on the
Kaynak: Broadway Limited (film)
"a bit taken aback, first of all, by the whole attitude of RTÉ over the last while" concerning the circumstances of Ryan's death and,
Kaynak: Raidió Teilifís Éireann
Ricky wants to know when Amy wants to get married, and is taken aback when Amy doesn't seem to be in a hurry to plan their wedding.
Kaynak: List of The Secret Life of the American Teenager characters
content Boy Seaman 1 a young sailor, still in training term Brace abox | content Brace abox 1 To bring the foreyards flat aback to stop the ship.
Kaynak: Glossary of nautical terms
He was taken aback for a moment but then decided to build his empire around that place after he realized the cause for the boldness was
Kaynak: Uraiyur
When the storm has cleared and the waters have subsided, Deucalion and Pyrrha are taken aback by the desolate wreckage of the land, and
Kaynak: Pyrrha
His appointment as Minister for Finance in 1980 caused some political commentators to be taken aback, particularly because of his
Kaynak: Gene Fitzgerald
talk and read, and the humans they encounter are taken aback at first (though only momentarily) to find themselves conversing with animals.
Kaynak: Freddy the Pig

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