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aerator ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

aerator anlamı
1) havalandırıcı

"aerator" için örnek kullanımlar

Water from clarifier goes to cascade aerator followed by media filtration.
Durultucu gelen Su medya filtrasyon takip kaskad havalandırıcı gider.
Kaynak: power-eng.com
All raffle ticket purchasers will receive a wine aerator from Wine Spectator.
Tüm çekiliş bilet satın Wine Spectator bir şarap aerator alacaksınız.
Kaynak: marketwire.com
Then there is the cascade aerator, the very last part of the treatment process.
Daha sonra kademeli havalandırıcı, tedavi sürecinin çok son kısım vardır.
Kaynak: therandolphleader.com
In other cases, cleaning the tap's aerator brought the levels down.
Diğer durumlarda, musluk havalandırıcı temizlik düzeylerini aşağı getirdi.
Kaynak: brandonsun.com
A faucet aerator (or tap aereator) is often found at the tip of modern indoor water faucets . Without an aerator, water usually flows out
Kaynak: Faucet aerator
and bring out the aromas including swirl wine in the glass, use of a decanter to increase exposure to air, or a specialized wine aerator .
Kaynak: Aeration
A lawn aerator is a garden tool or machine designed to aerate the soil in which lawn grasses grow. In compacted lawns Aeration
Kaynak: Lawn aerator
Wine aerator: A wine aerator is a small, in-bottle, hand-held pour-through or decanter top device for aerating wine. oxygen and causing aeration.
Kaynak: Wine accessory
Aeration with a spike aerator or plug/core aerator (to relieve compaction of the soil and allow greater absorption of nutrients)
Kaynak: Lawn
The bong is made using a plastic bottle, a container that can hold both the bottle and water, a brass cut nozzle, and an aerator screen.
Kaynak: Bucket bong
footer_background | background color | image1 Shrimp pond with aerator.
Kaynak: Marine shrimp farming
It generally has two parts, the pump and the aerator. Cardiac pumps are most often used in heart surgery, so that a patient's heart can be
Kaynak: Tofy Mussivand
around The structure is covered in red vertical siding and is topped by a sectional conical roof, with windows on the south side and an aerator.
Kaynak: Thomas Johnson Polygonal Barn
building is a true round barn that measures 38 feet (11.6 m) around The barn features white vertical siding, a conical roof, and an aerator.
Kaynak: Round Barn, Cooper Township
The hexagon shaped building features white horizontal siding, a large cupola with 12 windows and an aerator. References : External links
Kaynak: McCoy Polygonal Barn
The building is a true round barn that measures 60 feet (18.3m) around The structure is constructed in clay tile and features an aerator
Kaynak: Round Barn, Washington Township (Janesville, Iowa)

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