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gumboot ne demek?

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The enormous corrugated iron gumboot sculpture as you come into town.
Senin gibi büyük oluklu demir gumboot heykel kasabaya gelir.
Kaynak: nzherald.co.nz
Songs about potatoes, songs about hockey, songs about whatever gumboot cloggeroos are.
Patates, hokey hakkında şarkılar, ne gumboot cloggeroos hakkında şarkılar hakkında Şarkılar vardır.
Kaynak: spinner.com
Later on there will be a gumboot throwing for all ages and the show will end with fireworks that will light up the sky.
Daha sonra her yaş ve gösteri gökyüzü yanacaktır havai fişek ile sona erecek için atan bir gumboot olacaktır.
Kaynak: mudgeeguardian.com.au
We go gumboot shopping.
Biz gumboot alışverişe gitmek.
Kaynak: stuff.co.nz
The gumboot chiton, Cryptochiton stelleri, also known as the giant pacific chiton, is the largest of the chiton s, growing to 36 cm (14 in
Kaynak: Gumboot chiton
The gumboot dance (or Isicathulo) is an Africa n dance that is performed by dancers wearing wellington boot s. more commonly called gumboots.
Kaynak: Gumboot dance
The town of Taihape in New Zealand , styles itself the gumboot -throwing capital of the country (or the gumboot-throwing capital of the
Kaynak: Wellie wanging
In 2003 a giant gumboot (the "Golden Gumboot ") was erected as a monument to the town's climate; it also serves as a museum documenting
Kaynak: Tully, Queensland
Gumboots or "Wellington boot s" are the heavy rubber boots worn by most farm workers and many other outdoor workers. throw a gumboot the
Kaynak: Shoe tossing
Umoja ensemble took center stage to the dollop of local culture showcasing awe-inspiring dance that included the sense-consuming gumboot dance .
Kaynak: Miss World 2009
head of the Tlingit crow clan, while her mother, Gus'dutéen, was a member of the Tagish wolf clan Her name in Tlingit means "gumboot mother".
Kaynak: Kate Carmack
Green Grass style Appalachian clogging English clogging, French-Canadian step dancing, Irish step dancing , and South African gumboot dancing .
Kaynak: Ira Bernstein
South African group Umojo then took the stage to perform a gumboot dance inspired by the country's history. Wearing miner's costumes, the
Kaynak: Superstars of Dance

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