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meagre ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

meagre anlamı
1) yetersiz
2) az
3) kıt
4) yavan

"meagre" için örnek kullanımlar

That was over six times the meagre consensus expectation of 8,000 new jobs.
Bu 8.000 kişilik yeni istihdam altı kat yetersiz uzlaşma beklentisi oldu.
Kaynak: www2.macleans.ca
The economy contracted by 2.3% in 2012, after meagre growth of 0.6% in 2011.
Ekonomisi 2011 yılında% 0,6 yetersiz büyüme sonrasında, 2012 yılında% 2,3 oranında daralmıştır.
Kaynak: globalpropertyguide.com
The sample also had only 167 cells per milliliter of fluid, a very meagre haul.
Örnek de sıvı, çok yetersiz bir mesafe mililitrede sadece 167 hücreleri vardı.
Kaynak: popsci.com
Engineering exports declined by a meagre 3 percent to USD 51 billion during the period.
Mühendislik ihracat döneminde USD 51 milyar yetersiz bir 3 oranında azalmıştır.
Kaynak: zeenews.india.com
In the mathematical fields of general topology and descriptive set theory , a meagre set (also called a meager set or a set of first
Kaynak: Meagre set
Argyrosomus regius (also known as meagre, shade-fish, salmon-basse or stone basse) is a fish of the Sciaenidae family. It has a similar
Kaynak: Argyrosomus regius
Leptoceratops (meaning 'lean-horned face' and derived from Greek lepto-/λεπτο- meaning 'small', 'insignificant', 'slender', 'meagre' or '
Kaynak: Leptoceratops
Mauger, the Jamaican Patois word for 'meagre', is a term used in rural Jamaica for a thin woman. In Jamaica, plumpness is considered to
Kaynak: Mauger (Jamaican Patois term)
Arabian sea meagre , Argyrosomus heinii (Steindachner, 1902) Madagascar meagre , Argyrosomus hololepidotus (Lacepède, 1801)
Kaynak: Argyrosomus
Meagre porridge, it's thin and meagre, meagre porridge: : Meagre and thin porridge, thin, thin, meagre porridge: Meagre and thin porridge,
Kaynak: Brochan Lom
the ideal of meagre sets, plus more which do not have a characterisation in terms of ideals. If the continuum hypothesis (CH) holds,
Kaynak: Set theory of the real line
Of the dictionary itself only meagre fragments survive, but we possess an epitome compiled by one Hermolaus . Life: File:Byzantium550.
Kaynak: Stephanus of Byzantium
The Irish annals record nothing of Giric's reign, nor do Anglo-Saxon writings add anything, and the meagre information which survives is
Kaynak: Giric
Because of its relatively high elevation and its extreme northern latitude, it supports only a meagre population of musk ox en and small
Kaynak: Devon Island
Meagre : If X is a space and A is a subset of X, then A is meagre in X (or of first category in X) if it is the countable union of nowhere
Kaynak: Glossary of topology
The novel follows the young ladies to their new home, a meagre cottage on a distant relative's property, where they experience love,
Kaynak: Sense and Sensibility
The total area is a meagre 19 | km2 | sqmi | spell us having a population of over 150,000. Chandannagar is connected to Kolkata by railway
Kaynak: Chandannagar
The two main beaches became bloodbaths, despite the meagre defences, while the landings at other sites were not exploited. Although the
Kaynak: Landing at Cape Helles
Cricket writer, Colin Bateman, noted, "Hollies was one of cricket's most extraordinary characters, whose meagre thirteen Tests in no way
Kaynak: Eric Hollies
the 1930s, unemployed men travelled the rural areas of Australia on foot, their few meagre possessions rolled up and carried in their swag.
Kaynak: Swagman

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