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merlon ne demek?

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merlon anlamı
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A merlon forms the vertical solid parts of a battlement or crenellated parapet —in Medieval architecture of fortifications for millennia
Kaynak: Merlon
The solid widths between the crenels are called merlon s (also cops or kneelers). A wall with battlements is said to be crenelated or
Kaynak: Battlement
In military architecture, an embrasure is the opening in a crenellation or battlement between the two raised solid portions or merlon s,
Kaynak: Embrasure
htm consists of series of two or three steps, as if each merlon has a smaller merlon atop it. Parker's glossary says that double-
Kaynak: Line (heraldry)
a band of ceramic inlay, pointed merlon s, and decorative arches; it has a large plaza with gardens, and is floodlit at night The minaret
Kaynak: Koutoubia Mosque
at this time, such as a stone wall around the perimeter and the use of merlon s, which give these monasteries the look of a medieval castle.
Kaynak: Yecapixtla
The top of the palace walls is decorated with square merlon s. On the right is a wide roofless loggia with a seven-bay arcade, supported
Kaynak: Palazzo dei Papi di Viterbo
In the 14th century merlon s were added, by partly destroying the Arab inscription (in Kufic characters) which embellished the upper part
Kaynak: Zisa, Palermo
It is a 3-floors building with merlon -decorated white walls, located in Mizingani Road, on the seafront, between the House of Wonders
Kaynak: Palace Museum, Zanzibar
The fort is essentially a square of high, brown walls with merlon s, protecting an inner courtyard. In the courtyard there are some
Kaynak: Old Fort of Zanzibar
It displays crocket ed pinnacles, a pierced parapet with quatrefoil s and arcades in the merlon s and gargoyle s The church has diagonal
Kaynak: Church of St John the Baptist, Hatch Beauchamp

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