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modicum ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

modicum anlamı
1) az miktar
2) biraz

"modicum" için örnek kullanımlar

Yet she shows a modicum of tenderness, asking if he has everything he needs.
Ancak o da ihtiyacı olan her şeye sahiptir soran, hassasiyet bir nebze gösterir.
Kaynak: blogs.wsj.com
But on March 3 at Biltmore House, there would be a modicum of hope.
Ama Biltmore evinde 3 Mart'ta, umut bir nebze olurdu.
Kaynak: citizen-times.com
They figured out that with a modicum of care, big runs were there for the taking.
Onlar bakımı bir nebze ile, büyük çalışır çekimi için orada olduğumuzu anladım.
Kaynak: nzherald.co.nz
When people see the value of their houses rising, they regain a modicum of confidence.
Insanların yükselen evlerinin değeri gördüğünüzde, onlar güven bir nebze kazanmak.
Kaynak: fool.com.au
Bulbophyllum modicum is a possibly extinct , epiphytic plant species in the Orchidaceae family. It is endemic to Cameroon , and its
Kaynak: Bulbophyllum modicum
In Tua Nua was an Irish rock group who achieved a modicum of fame and success in both Ireland and Europe throughout the late 1980s.
Kaynak: In Tua Nua
The Marcoses enjoy a modicum of popularity in the province. Ilocos Norte is also known as a northern tourist destination, being the
Kaynak: Ilocos Norte
However, reorganization, campaigning for land rights , and direct action against encroaching oil installations have provided a modicum of
Kaynak: Cofán people
The building was in a Late Gothic style , with a modicum of Renaissance detail. During the Thirty Years' War , the castle was sacked by
Kaynak: Kroměříž Archbishop's Palace
Typical of the "B" movie features of the period, a modicum of production values was involved. Plot: Test pilot Bruce Barton (Duncan Parkin) is
Kaynak: The Cyclops
Troy Shondell (born Gary Shelton May 14, 1940 Fort Wayne , Indiana , United States) is an American vocalist , who achieved a modicum of
Kaynak: Troy Shondell
run candidates in statewide elections demonstrated that it enjoyed a modicum of support in the New York State electorate, in 2004 a federal
Kaynak: Marijuana Reform Party
They first gained a modicum of fame via their Myspace site, when they uploaded early demos which were successfully received by fans
Kaynak: New Device
Souled American recorded four albums for Rough Trade Records , which initially stirred a modicum of critical and popular attention both in
Kaynak: Souled American
They are involved in trade with Kuyaba , selling sable furs, lead, and a modicum of slaves. Modern historians have been unable to pinpoint
Kaynak: Arsania
established his reputation as a jazz composer and earned him a modicum of respect in music circles who had previously written him off as a sideshow.
Kaynak: The Inflated Tear
It can also detect things that are not themselves electronic in nature, so the use of the device requires a modicum of skill and
Kaynak: Nonlinear junction detector
also conducts personal readings , seminars, workshops, and retreats He has also gained a modicum of internet-fame for his bizarre hairstyle.
Kaynak: Gary Spivey
Folantin, a downtrodden Paris ian civil service clerk whose quest for even a modicum of happiness or material comfort always ends in failure.
Kaynak: À vau-l'eau
social citizenship includes “the whole range from the right to a modicum of economic welfare and security to the right to share to the
Kaynak: Social citizenship
The band attracted a modicum of national attention in 1995 with the release of the song "Camel Walk" from this album. Track listing
Kaynak: Dirt Track Date
its citizens or as Marshall puts it “from granting the right to a modicum of economic welfare and security to the right to share to the
Kaynak: T.H. Marshall's Social Citizenship
Though the Batavian Republic was a client state, its successive governments tried their best to maintain a modicum of independence and to
Kaynak: Batavian Republic

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