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tirade ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

tirade anlamı
1) tirad
2) uzun azar

"tirade" için örnek kullanımlar

Bobby's tirade finished with, 'All right Vanessa Feltz, I'll leave it there.
Bobby'nin tirad ben orada bırakacağım, Tamam Vanessa Feltz 'ile tamamladı.
Kaynak: nowmagazine.co.uk
That tirade doesn't exactly describe Belichick or owner Bob Kraft.
Bu tirad tam Belichick veya sahibi Bob Kraft tarif etmez.
Kaynak: bangordailynews.com
Here's a GIF of Howland's ridiculous tirade via GIFULMINATION.
İşte GIFULMINATION yoluyla Howland en saçma tirad bir GIF bulunuyor.
Kaynak: usatoday.com
Justin has apologised for including the actress in his tirade.
Justin onun tirad yılında aktris dahil olmak üzere özür diledi.
Kaynak: independent.ie
A tantrum (or temper tantrum or tirade or hissy fit) is an emotion al outburst, usually associated with children or those in emotional
Kaynak: Tantrum
A philippic is a fiery, damning speech, or tirade , delivered to condemn a particular political actor. The term originates with
Kaynak: Philippic
The anti-North Indian violence was labelled as a 'tirade against North Indians' by sections of the national media (The Hindu The Times of
Kaynak: 2008 attacks on Uttar Pradeshi and Bihari migrants in Maharashtra
At Krusty's retirement press conference, the audience finds his tirade against modern comedy hysterical and he returns to comedy with a
Kaynak: The Last Temptation of Krust
news anchor Will McAvoy, who takes a mandatory leave of absence after a public tirade about America's shortcomings during a political debate.
Kaynak: List of The Newsroom episodes
soap opera -like plot than its predecessor, with Chow Yun-fat going on an over-the-top tirade in one point of the film over a bowl of rice.
Kaynak: A Better Tomorrow 2
Examples such as references to Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock , a Christian Bale tirade, film quotes from Wedding Crashers , Jaws , & Forrest
Kaynak: Randy Moller
order to buy more time before the game-winning touchdown, Christensen launched a profanity-laced tirade at Calhoun, calling him a "fly boy."
Kaynak: 2012 Wyoming Cowboys football team
The first Wichita Wingnuts manager was Kash Beauchamp , who gained notoriety for his tirade during a game on July 9. Beauchamp's contract
Kaynak: Wichita Wingnuts
Browns at the Meadowlands, head coach Herman Edwards gave his famous "You play to win the game" tirade in the post-game press conference.
Kaynak: 2002 New York Jets season
Olden was the target of Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda 's infamous and profanity laden "Dave Kingman tirade" in 1976, in which
Kaynak: Paul Olden
Meanwhile, Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy became famous throughout North America for a tirade against a sportswriter for The Daily
Kaynak: 2007 Insight Bowl

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