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tribute ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

tribute anlamı
1) haraç
2) övgü
3) takdir
4) hürmet
5) işçinin payına düşen maden
6) devletin devlete barış için ödediği para

"tribute" için örnek kullanımlar

The BJR cars still carry Richards insignia and star as a permanent tribute.
BJR araba hala kalıcı bir haraç olarak Richards amblemi ve yıldız taşırlar.
Kaynak: stuff.co.nz
China's Ai Weiwei pays tribute to Pablo Neruda in Chile painting.
Çin'in Ai Weiwei Şili resim Pablo Neruda haraç öder.
Kaynak: scmp.com
Margaret Leverett, the head teacher, paid tribute to her pupils.
Margaret Leverett, baş öğretmen, öğrencilerine haraç ödedi.
Kaynak: elystandard.co.uk
Voices on the Water: Vero Beach Choral Society tribute to the Indian River Lagoon.
Su Sesler: Indian River Lagoon Vero Beach Koro Topluluğu'nun haraç.
Kaynak: tcpalm.com
A tribute (from Latin tributum, contribution) is wealth, often in kind , that one party gives to another as a sign of respect or, as was
Kaynak: Tribute
A tribute album is a recorded collection of cover version s of songs or instrumental compositions. artists making a tribute to a single
Kaynak: Tribute album
A tribute act is a music group , singer , or musician who specifically plays the music of a well-known music act - sometimes one which has
Kaynak: Tribute act
in return they could extract tribute from the natives in the form of labor, gold or other products In practice, the difference between
Kaynak: Encomienda
by alluding to their work In rock music this can take the form of a tribute album or of a sample 2010, the digital techniques used to
Kaynak: Homage
As a result, tribute was often paid for opportunistic reasons rather than as a serious gesture of allegiance to the Chinese emperor, and
Kaynak: List of tributaries of Imperial China
powerful State The heart of the relationship was that the tributary would send a regular token of submission (tribute ) to the superior power.
Kaynak: Tributary state

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