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entero- ne demek?

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In biology and medicine , the prefix entero- refers to the intestine (from Greek ἔντερον, enteron). Category:Medical terminology
Kaynak: Entero
Heat-stable toxin 1 of entero-aggregative Escherichia coli (EAST1) is a small toxin. It is not, however, solely associated with entero-
Kaynak: Heat-stable enterotoxin
5, was buried a "No free African 187, Manguinhos, belonging to the House of Correction, who died in Mercy HospitalOf gastro-entero-colitis".
Kaynak: Caju Cemetery
The entero-test uses a gelatin capsule with an attached thread. One end is attached to the inner aspect of the patient's cheek, and the
Kaynak: Giardiasis
Traumatic intestinal fistulas usually occur between two loops of intestine (entero-enteric fistula) or intestine and skin
Kaynak: Anastomosis
The duodenal cells release entero-oxyntin which acts on parietal cells without affecting gastrin. There is also a small continuous basal
Kaynak: Gastric acid
expressed on entero-endocrine cells, where it stimulates the release of peptide hormones including incretins glucagon-like peptide (GLP) 1 and 2
Kaynak: GPR84
These entities appear similar in structure to microfilaments and bundles found in the D1 cell of the gastro-entero-pancreatic endocrine
Kaynak: Giant-cell carcinoma of the lung
A drug excreted in the bile duct can occasionally be reabsorbed by the intestines (in the entero-hepatic circuit), which can also lead to
Kaynak: Drug interaction
There does not appear to be any entero-hepatic recirculation . Atorvastatin has an approximate elimination half-life of 14 h.
Kaynak: Atorvastatin
A death certificate of the Borough of Manhattan reveals that he died, aged seven months, on 17 July 1886, of 'entero-colitis,' with '
Kaynak: Marx Brothers
Binding of bile acids to fiber or bacteria in the cecum with increased fecal loss from the entero-hepatic circulation. An important action
Kaynak: Dietary fiber

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