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frenetic ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

frenetic anlamı
1) çılgın
2) hummalı
3) çılgınca
4) şiddetli

"frenetic" için örnek kullanımlar

This was turning into a frenetic game, chances arriving at either end.
Bu şansı her iki ucunda gelen, çılgın bir oyun haline dönüyordu.
Kaynak: thehindu.com
Hillary Clinton ate hot chilis to keep frenetic pace, reporter says.
Hillary Clinton, çılgın bir hızla tutmak için sıcak chilis yedik, muhabir diyor.
Kaynak: newyork.newsday.com
Today, the construction pace has accelerated from fast to frenetic.
Bugün inşaat hızı fast hummalı için ivme kazandırdı.
Kaynak: philstar.com
Fear of being a loser feeds the frenetic struggle all the way to its messy conclusion.
Bir kaybeden olma korkusu hummalı mücadelesi dağınık sonuca tüm yol besler.
Kaynak: allvoices.com
Electro dance (otherwise known as Tecktonik and Milky Way) is a frenetic and quirky form of street dance which is typically performed to
Kaynak: Electro dance
is a frenetic third-person shooter for WiiWare . Released in 2010 by Spanish videogame developer Akaoni Studio , Zombie Panic in
Kaynak: Zombie Panic in Wonderland
Tecktonik , a frenetic and quirky form of street dance which is typically performed to electro house music. It may also be a misspelling
Kaynak: Techtonic
Described as a film about the frenetic pace of modern life, Jeu is set to scherzo of Prokofiev 's Concerto for Piano No. 2, Opus 16 The
Kaynak: Jeu
film genre where one or more heroes are thrust into a series of challenges that require physical feats, extended fight s and frenetic chases.
Kaynak: Action film
He maintained a frenetic pace in film-making. In a professional career that lasted fewer than fifteen years, Fassbinder completed 40
Kaynak: Rainer Werner Fassbinder
"She Said" on Jody Records in 1966, Hasil's original, frenetic sound meshed with demented lyrics ushered in the genre known as psychobilly .
Kaynak: Hasil Adkins
Audiences enjoyed his understated style, which eschewed the frenetic manner of the jitterbug in favor of cool and reserve; rarely did he
Kaynak: Bill Robinson
West Coast jazz is often seen as a sub-genre of cool jazz , which featured a less frenetic, calmer style than bebop or hard bop .
Kaynak: West Coast jazz
"dirty style" figure paintings—raw, frenetic works which combine themes of desire, degradation, and exaltation Outside of galleries, he is
Kaynak: David Choe
and then, during the early 20th century, he became the nation's most famous evangelist with his colloquial sermon s and frenetic delivery.
Kaynak: Billy Sunday
variety TV show in the world Sábado Gigante is an eclectic and frenetic mix of various contests, human-interest stories, and live entertainment.
Kaynak: Sábado Gigante
Hobbs is known for his high-energy, frenetic coaching style. Early years: Karl Hobbs was born and raised in Roxbury, Massachusetts , a
Kaynak: Karl Hobbs
With Smith in the director's chair, the Woody Woodpecker series maintained its trademark frenetic energy, while the animation itself was
Kaynak: Paul J. Smith (director)

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