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The fifth and final tower phase was to lift a grillage that weighs about 500 tons, lift the main 450-ton cable saddle, and finally lift the
Kaynak: Eastern span replacement of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge
The steel grillage consists of two main longitudinal girders at the axial distance of 7.6 | m | ft, transversal girders set 4 | m | ft
Kaynak: Krka Bridge
Due to its sheer size, the viaduct was designed in four segments comprising box girders and grillage systems and expansion joints atop
Kaynak: Jezerane Viaduct
The deck of the bridge consists of reinforced concrete grillage supported by a pair of abutments and longitudinal reinforced concrete
Kaynak: Vrata Tunnel
Foundation Charles Sooysmith designed the foundation which was a mix of grillage and 23 pneumatic concrete caissons which went 23 | ft
Kaynak: Empire Building (Manhattan)
The lobby is flanked by storefront spaces, whose transom windows are accented by a horizontal grillage. The other elevations are
Kaynak: Eureka Theater
Piles of timber were driven thirty-two feet underground, on top of which was laid a grillage of steel, filled with cement. The wheel rotated
Kaynak: Ferris Wheel
below stone or masonry walls In marine construction and bridge building a crisscross of timbers or steel beams in concrete is called grillage
Kaynak: Foundation (engineering)
2.5C.n^6-7 where n is the diathetical evolute of retrograde temperature phase disposition and C is Cholmondeley's annular grillage coefficient.
Kaynak: Turboencabulator
schuur en bediendenvleugel | descr_fr Maison de Seny (totalité du grillage et des piliers, les façades et les toitures du corps de logis,
Kaynak: List of protected heritage sites in Geer
Pre-Civil War construction: A grillage or network of timber was laid. and a thick bed of concrete was constructed for the foundation.
Kaynak: United States Custom House (Charleston, South Carolina)
The bridge can be supported on unprepared and uneven ground without grillage s. It is constructed on one roller beam for single-story
Kaynak: Medium Girder Bridge
The deck structure comprises a grillage consisting of the deck slab with longitudinal girders and cross-girders. The 0.25 | m | abbr on
Kaynak: Maslenica Bridge (D8)
The term for the type of foundation that Root designed is grillage foundation , a foundation where iron rails and the structural beams are
Kaynak: Rookery Building
le grillage qui l'entoure ainsi que le bouquet d'arbres qui l'ombrage | section Verviers | town | address | objtype | lat 50.596019 | lon
Kaynak: List of protected heritage sites in Verviers

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