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plaintive ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

plaintive anlamı
1) ağlamaklı
2) yaslı
3) sızlanan
4) dertli

"plaintive" için örnek kullanımlar

And she did, and it was textured and tragic and wistful and plaintive.
Ve o yaptı, ve dokulu ve trajik ve hüzünlü ve ağlamaklı oldu.
Kaynak: austinchronicle.com
The song has a plaintive story and a nice melody, and he has a beautiful voice.
Şarkı bir ağlamaklı bir hikaye ve güzel bir melodi var, ve o güzel bir sesi var.
Kaynak: blogher.com
The plaintive ballad, released in 1966, hit No. 1 for seven weeks.
1966 yılında yayımlanan ağlamaklı ballad, yedi hafta boyunca 1 numara çarptı.
Kaynak: countryweekly.com
Well, the answer to that plaintive question at the moment is, of course: Directly.
Peki, şu anda bu ağlamaklı sorunun cevabı tabii ki: Doğrudan.
Kaynak: calgaryherald.com
It was identical with plaintive at first and receded into legal usage with the -iff spelling in the 15th century. A plaintiff identified by
Kaynak: Plaintiff
Themes from the work was also included by Antal Doráti in his pastiche ballet Graduation Ball (1940) where the plaintive Introduction
Kaynak: Feenmärchen waltz
The waltz begins with a plaintive Introduction with clarinet s and oboe s. As the music progresses, the mood became tense and a short
Kaynak: Flugschriften
Its plaintive woo-OO-oo-oo-oo call - gives the bird its name. The wings can make an unusual whistling sound upon take-off and landing.
Kaynak: Mourning Dove
In literature, an elegy (from the Greek word for "lament") is a mournful, melancholic or plaintive poem , especially a funeral song or a
Kaynak: Elegy
Louisville, Kentucky and rose to stardom thanks to her blend of honky tonk and country-rock , not to mention a plaintive, emotional ballad style.
Kaynak: Patty Loveless
The bird's name is derived from its plaintive bell-like whistles which are often heard before the bird is visible. Total population is
Kaynak: Piping Plover
Its generic name derives from its sweet plaintive song, delivered in flight from heights of 100 m or more. Like most other lark s, this is
Kaynak: Woodlark
Although the plaintive words can be interpreted literally, they were much more likely metaphoric. The “motherless child” could be a slave
Kaynak: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
It is particularly known for its plaintive refrain , in which the singer sings the tune as 'lie-la-lie', accompanied by a heavily-
Kaynak: The Boxer
is a well-known American spiritual/folk song likely originating in the early 19th century about a plaintive soul on the journey through life.
Kaynak: The Wayfaring Stranger (song)
The plaintive tune breaks off in mid-stream, to commemorate the famous 13th century trumpeter, who was shot in the throat while sounding
Kaynak: St. Mary's Basilica, Kraków
Owen is known for its soft melodies, complex acoustics, combining lead acoustics with keyboard and other guitars, plaintive vocals and on
Kaynak: Owen (band)
Beck would soon return with another independent release, the plaintive and mostly acoustic One Foot in the Grave —his third album of 1994
Kaynak: Stereopathetic Soulmanure
known for his warm and plaintive bass voice heard in both ballads and political songs He is also a social activist who directs a recovery center
Kaynak: Dariush Eghbali
The final section features Bowie's plaintive saxophone "booming out across a harbour of solitude, as if lost in fog." "Cover versions
Kaynak: Neuköln

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