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despicably ne demek?

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"despicably" için örnek kullanımlar

"He accepts he has treated these people despicably over a continuous period."
"O sürekli bir dönemde despicably bu insanların tedavi etmiştir kabul eder."
Kaynak: thisisbristol.co.uk
Just to watch her spoil that with her own despicably, maniacal insane selfishness.
Sadece izlemek için onu, despicably kendi ile çılgın deli bencillik olduğunu yağma.
Kaynak: www2.macleans.ca
Despicably vile is this crop of government authorities!
Despicably aşağılık hükümet yetkilileri bu üründür!
Kaynak: davaotoday.com
School programs are being cut, teachers laid off, and classrooms are despicably overcrowded.
Okul programları kesiliyorlar, öğretmenlerin işten ve derslik despicably tıka basa doldu.
Kaynak: urbantulsa.com
"They sought shelter in cities and towns where most of them had never been and , unfortunately, where they were made despicably unwelcome
Kaynak: The Wandering Jews
"His methods were despicably ingenious." One of The Bull's preferred methods of breaking his subjects' will was to insert them in a
Kaynak: Kishka (prison cell)
In France during the mid-19th century, Cardinal Richelieu receives a visit from the despicably charming young woman, Milady de Winter .
Kaynak: The Three Musketeers (1986 film)
So the guy does absolutely no work and the only way he can relieve the tedium is by behaving despicably and I think the whole office would
Kaynak: Perfect World (sitcom)
When they went to the poblacion, neither would they speak it, for they would be considered despicably as a kalinga, or as ignorant persons
Kaynak: Cabagan, Isabela
While some landlords treated their tenants despicably, it would appear from reports that the Bournes treated their tenants with some
Kaynak: Rossport
The great cause of the October Revolution is being despicably betrayed. The country is inundated with torrents of blood and filth.
Kaynak: UPTI Affair
10 letters: despicably destroying. downstream. dumbwaiter duplicates. farsighted. formidable. godparents. graciously. hospitable. infamously. introduces
Kaynak: Isogram
Aunt Beryl writes a letter to her 'nan', saying she is bored with living in the countryside, then thinks to herself how despicably false
Kaynak: Prelude (short story)
They arrive late and create a scene with their marital problems and Alice is then despicably rude to Benedicte. Things go downhill from
Kaynak: Lemming (film)
The Dop Doctor contains pro-Jingo arguments of the type which offers the stereotypical portrait of the Boer as backward and despicably
Kaynak: Clotilde Graves
He also is despicably honest, even though the rest at his high school isn't, when it comes to the Drops Tournament (though, he does let
Kaynak: Honey x Honey Drops
In "Betrayal", Olwen is abducted, threatened, tied up, treated despicably, and used as hostage to lure Lady Sarah unwittingly into
Kaynak: Lady Grace Mysteries
The Doctor now recognises the clay head — it is that of Morbius, one of the most despicably criminal minded Time Lords in history.
Kaynak: The Brain of Morbius
Elizabeth meditates on her own mistakes thoroughly in chapter 36: "How despicably have I acted!” she cried; “I, who have prided myself on
Kaynak: Pride and Prejudice
"retains its familiar, effective mix of despicably powerful villains, suspiciously tantalizing women and ever-wilder special effects", but
Kaynak: Licence to Kill
But suddenly, within sight of the countless tents of the Arabs, the Franks despicably sheathed their swords postponing the fight until the
Kaynak: Battle of Tours

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