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suspender ne demek?

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suspender anlamı
1) askı

"suspender" için örnek kullanımlar

They are also suspender friendly as well if you choose to wear suspenders.
Eğer jartiyer giymek isterseniz Onlar da aynı zamanda samimi askı vardır.
Kaynak: lizbell.sportsblog.com
More chaos: Jordan's first day in the bullpen L.F. Rothschild in 1980s suspender wearing Wall Street.
Daha kaos: Wall Street giyen 1980'lerde askı yılında Bullpen LF Rothschild Ürdün'ün ilk günü.
Kaynak: businessinsider.com
From suspender underwear guy to the guy wearing a captain's hat and humping a yield sign, there was clearly more effort put in.
Bir kaptan şapkası ve çabalayan bir verim işareti giyen adam askı iç çamaşırı adam, açıkça daha fazla çaba içeri koymak vardı
Kaynak: dailycal.org
Outside the US the term suspenders or suspender belt refers to a garment used to hold up stockings, what in American English is called a
Kaynak: Suspenders
Variations of the garter include panties with suspender attachments reminiscent of images of the 1960s, and corsets with small loops
Kaynak: Garter (stockings)
The sling swimsuit, also known as a "suspender bikini", "sling bikini", "suspender thong", "slingshot swimsuit" or just "slingshot", is a
Kaynak: Sling swimsuit
A pendant light, sometimes called a drop or suspender, is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling usually suspended by a cord,
Kaynak: Pendant light
Suspender saddles and suspender cables: Since the main cables curve and the suspender cables splay outward to the deck edge, saddle design is
Kaynak: Eastern span replacement of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge
This type of bridge has cables suspended between tower s, plus vertical suspender cables that carry the weight of the deck below, upon
Kaynak: Suspension bridge
Patria (50 years service) - yellow enameled gilt cross, two laurel wreaths, diagonal red-white-green ribbon with the Mexican eagle as suspender
Kaynak: Military decorations of Mexico
Each of the main suspender cable s is 9+5/8 | in | cm | 1 in diameter, and consists of 37 strands of 37 wires. The deck is 135 | ft | m
Kaynak: Waldo–Hancock Bridge
The suspension is an ornate floriated swivelling suspender, again unique to the Crimea Medal. Five bars were authorised, the maximum awarded
Kaynak: Crimea Medal
The refurbished section is also externally adorned with Penrose tiles and is also styled with ruffles, keys and suspender belts to
Kaynak: Storey Hall
The fixed suspender bar was decorated with an inscribed scroll the inscription of which had a number of variations. TERRITORIAL: This was
Kaynak: Efficiency Medal
The suspender is the same as that used on the Indian Mutiny Medal The medal was issued with the following clasp s: China 1842 (awarded to
Kaynak: Second China War Medal
The London issue has a more ornate suspender than the Calcutta version, which has a simple claw mount. Image:Indian1936GSMrev.
Kaynak: India General Service Medal (1936)
The suspender is of the swivelling ornate scroll type. Most issues of this medal went to Indian troops who along with British personnel were
Kaynak: Tibet Medal
This equipment includes crampons , rows, suspender belts, helmets and ice axes. Glaciers are found all over the world on all continents
Kaynak: Glacier Hiking
It uses suspender cables where the 1937 bridge uses thin suspender beams. Image gallery: Image:IMG 4528 United States Seabees Bridge 1937
Kaynak: United States Navy Seabees Bridge

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